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Privacy Statement

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Nanny Sam loves creating stunning bespoke luxury cakes but unfortunately there is more to the business and I promise to keep your data safe - here is the legal bit...

All businesses are required to be GDPR compliant and be transparent with their customers in regards to how information held is used.

Nanny Sam's Cakes only hold the minimum of personal data required fulfil your order (your name, your address, your telephone number and email address). Nanny Sam's Cakes does not store any card or bank details, your personal details will be taken at the time of ordering via telephone, email or social media in order to process your order.

Nanny Sam's Cakes does not run any digital marketing campaigns and will not pass any of your details to third parties unless instructed to do so by yourself to facilitate the deliver of your order. Your data is held solely to fulfil your order requirements, once your order has been fulfilled your data will be held for the necessary and then securely destroyed. You have the right to ask at anytime about your data as its use. 

All personal information held by Nanny Sam's Cakes is stored on a laptop or phone which is password protected. Information is backed up into cloud storage proved by KnowHow which too is password protected. Passwords are updated regularly and the devices have the relevant up to date security software.

Any printed data is kept in a locked filing cabinet inside a locked room, once your order has been fulfilled the data is shredded and destroyed.

Please email if you have any concerns.

Kind regards

Nanny Sam xx

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